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Formed in 2010 as a response to a lack of any development in Downtown Bryan, BCS Modern is fully focused and dedicated in bringing the highest standard of development, design and construction to Bryan.  Starting in 2012, we developed and constructed the first commercial development in 50 years in the abandoned county seat. After that - we developed 3 more properties and, finally, others began to join in on other projects. The rehabilitation of the urban center was in full gear and maintains today. We continue to prove our ability to develop in areas that were previously regarded as too risky while at the same time provide unparalleled quality in construction and design.
In addition to our dedication to developing in downtown Bryan, we feel the need to break traditional real estate development models.  Integral to providing a development solutions is our need to incorporate art, sustainability and a higher expectation of design and architecture.  Our developments are individually selected with great care in regard to the future buildings place on its site.  Natural and human factors are at the core of our design expectations and each development must create a sense of place for the occupants and not merely be a response to the function of the building.  We simply will not participate in the development of property for purely financial gains and do not chase rfps but instead analyze human need and seek benefits to “community prosperity equations” that typically produce higher returns for all involved.  
Continued growth in Downtown is simply not possible without an influx of new residents possessing expendable income that live within a walkable proximity to Downtown.  While we certainly believe that other components of growth are necessary, ie. tourism, expansion of industry/job creation and capital improvements to name a few; primary attention must be paid to populations already moving into the Brazos Valley and then showcase the Downtown area.  Bryan has been losing valuable human equity to South College Station for years due to factors and influences that simply do not exist any longer in Bryan.  It is time move the pendulum back in our direction.
As of today BCS Modern has completed the construction and development of $15 million of real estate in Downtown Bryan - with another $24M million in process.
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